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Congrats to all that took the test. Everyone passed with flying colors. Professor Headden was very impressed with not only the level of skill but the understanding and knowledge of the moves. Goes to prove hard work and perserverance pays off. Also, thanks to all of the supportive parents, without you this would not be possible. Again form the Professor he is always amazed at the support structure for this program....he was relly blown away. So here is my personal shout out to my amazing group of jits guys and gals "CONGRATS to Ayaz (Ipon), Robbie (V-Drop), Bailey (Gumby), Adrian (Tomonagi), Alan (Ipon Jr.), Patrick (need a name), Noah (Single Leg) for earning their ORANGE BELTS. And to Nick (I knew I could) for his YELLOW BELT. You guys were the best. Can't wait for the next test.

Mr. Wegesin

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