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As promised, just a little behind schedule. for all of you who have chosen to participate in our Adult Fitness Program, or as I like to call it our 45 minutes of torture. Just kidding. I will list below some of the excercises we have been working over the past couple weeks, so you can keep up the progress at home. Remember you are the only one that can make the difference, but there are a couple things that will aid in your race back to the top of the fitness chain.

1. Don't try and over do anything. It generally takes two to three times as long to build muscel and endurance as it does to loose it. So if you have been in somewhat of a vegitative state for a couple years, don't expect to be running a marathon this weekend.

2. Get a buddy to hold you accountable and to work with. In all of my training I can tell you that it is a good thing to have others that hold you accountable. Because when you are tired and sore, your brain tells you to relax and take it easy, your buddy tells you to get off the couch and come workout. In the long run your buddy will be right more than he or she is wrong.

3. Diet - be mindful of what and how much you eat. I am the worlds worst on eating, I eat what I like and when I want to eat, but I am very mindful of how much, and when I will be able to burn up the amoount of food that I just digested. Your body is like a car that runs on gas, fill up the tank, drive til you are about empty and fill it up again. Or fill up the tank, drive for a while, and fill it up again. Fortunatley our cars do not have expanding gas tanks like our bodied. Would you ever dream of filling your car up, not driving it anywhere, and then cramming another 5 or 10 gallons in the tank? It wouldn't take very long and your once 25 gallon gas tank would hold about 90 gallons, and now to fill it up takes a lot more fuel. Funny how we don't do that with our cars, but we will do it withour bodies. I can trade in my car, but I am stuck with this mobile bipodded vessel God gave me til the day I die, so I better take care of it.

Ok, off the soap box and to the work out.

Frankensien Walk - straight leg swings in the air alternating legs and gettting them higher and higher as you walk, you can do this in conjunction with an arm swing as well.

High Knee March - is just that march either in place or for some distance getting your knees as high and tight to your chest as possible.

Butt Kick Run - this should be done at a fast pace either inplace or for some distance, bringing your heels as close to your butt as possible while running. Placing your hands on your butt will give you a target to shoot for, while eliminating any potentially unwanted bruising.

Monkey Walks - working on a straight line place both feet on the line with your toes all pointing the same direction. Bend your knees and place your hands on top of your head. Starting with your right foot turn 180 degrees and place your foot back on the line. Then the same with the left foot turning 180 degrees the other direction to place your foot on the line.

Aligator Walk or Spiderman Crawl - start in a puch up position. take your left hand and move it slightly forward, and bring your right knee up to your right look over your right shoulder to make sure that your knee and elbow are close together. Now at the same time toake your right hand and walk forward while bringing your left knee to your left elbow. again look over your left shoulder to make sure your knee and elbow are close together. repeat as directed.

This was our warm up from last week. Will post more later in the week, so keep checking back, and don't feel bad about harrassing me to post more, I am old and sometimes forget.

Have a great week.

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