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Essay About Michael Jackson Life

Essay About Michael Jackson Life

He had eight siblings he had grown up with, five brothers and three sisters.

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Thank you

A HUGE thank you to Mr. Schilke and Amey for your support of, hard work with, and encouragement of Cayce.  He is now a Novice Black Belt because of you and all you have done.  He overcame a big hurdle today in no small part because of you two. 

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Novice test

Good luck to Mrs. Schilke, Nathan, Cayce, and Aditi on the Novice Black Belt test.  You will all rock it and make Abbott's proud.

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Getting in Shape 2

So here we go again, two days in a row.

Back on the soap box for just a minute. In the last blog I talked about expectations and having an acountability partner, both good advice. Today let's focus on technique versus repetitions. I have heard it said a thousand different ways, "right is right", "perfect preactice makes perfect", how ever you want to break it down there is only one way to do it right, so let's make sure we are doing just that. If you are doing reps incorrectly…


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Getting In Shape

As promised, just a little behind schedule. for all of you who have chosen to participate in our Adult Fitness Program, or as I like to call it our 45 minutes of torture. Just kidding. I will list below some of the excercises we have been working over the past couple weeks, so you can keep up the progress at home. Remember you are the only one that can make the difference, but there are a couple things that will aid in your race back to the top of the fitness chain.

1. Don't try and…


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Jiu- Jitsu Test Results

Congrats to all that took the test. Everyone passed with flying colors. Professor Headden was very impressed with not only the level of skill but the understanding and knowledge of the moves. Goes to prove hard work and perserverance pays off. Also, thanks to all of the supportive parents, without you this would not be possible. Again form the Professor he is always amazed at the support structure for this program....he was relly blown away. So here is my personal shout out to my amazing group… Continue

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